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The Digital Preservation Trust

Library Science

Cultural institutions play a significant role in preserving memory, tradition and family history. You can count on institutions like museums, religious institutes and libraries to be conservative in the way they preserve the history and traditions of our society and that they will continue to do so for centuries.  The very purpose of libraries is to deliver the worlds knowledge securely to the public, and libraries follow rigorous standards built over centuries to achieve this goal. 
That’s why our library - the Not Forgotten Library - which holds the collections of legacies - is so important to our customer promise.  The Not Forgotten Library employs a rigorous library management system that facilitates access and sharing and can be counted on to share our knowledge of legacies with the public. The library will maintain and update information on how to easily access the records of the legacy products in its depository by library bulletin or an equivalent library platform for centuries. 
Not Forgotten maintains a searchable library record for every one of our legacies and is responsible for keeping legacies healthy and formats up-to-date.

The Guarantee Trust

The Trust has been established with the primary mission to ensure the survival of Not Forgotten’s archives and to contribute to research, by organizing, preserving, communicating, and sharing the record of human knowledge it holds in the NotForgotten archive. We keep our promise of preservation by setting aside a portion of your Fees to cover all reasonably foreseeable technology costs and storage fees to safeguard your legacy online and in the Long-Term Storage Facility.


The library is overseen by an Advisory Board responsible for the administration of the library operations and delivering on the library's continuing obligations for hundreds of years – caring for and making decisions concerning the legacy products and the infrastructure which supports them. It is funded through the Not Forgotten Guarantee Trust Fund. The library operates as a separate legal entity from Not Forgotten

Working hand-in-hand with the Not Forgotten Library Depository.  The Digital Preservation Trust will support your legacy hundreds of years into the future - directing storage strategies, technology strategies, discovery strategies and monitoring for digital decay updating technology formats.


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Your data belongs to you

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You Own You

Core to the Not Forgotten values is that your privacy will not be violated and that ownership of your legacy is yours. No one has the right to cancel or tamper with your legacy. You alone have the right to determine the narrative and contents of  your legacy. 
Want to keep something private until you are gone? Secure your legacy privately in the Trust, worry free for future generations. You choose how long your legacy will remain private (maximum 50 years), after that it will be made publicly available in the library - exactly as you built it, discoverable and accessible for up to 250 years more.

Owned Not Rented

Not Forgotten legacy products are subscription free. This means that your onetime payment buys your preservation space in three locations for up to 300 years, and you won't be dependent on anyone to keep up with your payments. 

Privacy is never violated

If your legacy is held entirely online, it is not safe from the whims and legal obligations of whoever is hosting your data. We all have a data profile online. Details about us are regularly bought and sold and our privacy is being violated. With a cloud service, once you upload your files, the provider has complete control over where and how your data is stored, and it's exposed to potential hacking, cyber attacks and being lost when providers go out of business. Yet there are also valid reasons to storing our information online.  It is just fraught with dangers. Meanwhile, the convenience of having data safely backed up and accessible across many devices, some offline is very easy to see. 
At least one of your three Not Forgotten legacy copies will be preserved de-linked from the cloud - safe from privacy violation, hacking and cyber attacks. 

Open Standards

We preserve legacies to open archival standards archiving protocols which means the standards our videos are coded to are available to the general public and are developed and maintained via collaborative and consensus driven process. This facilitates interoperability and data exchange among different products or services and is intended for widespread adoption. This will make "the code" easier to interpret in the future.
The genealogy record produced for each Not Forgotten legacy is a GEDCOM file which can be used on any major family history site, delinked from any one service providers.

Your data belongs to you.




Not Forgotten legacies are cataloged and their library records reproduced on the World Cat - the world's largest single library catalog, where all book records come together in a single site. Not Forgotten legacies each have their own library card which can be searched for on the WorldCat.

Distributed and Tamper Proof

Not Forgotten legacies can optionally be added to the blockchain via a smart contract . Not Forgotten will create a discoverable, trackable and irreversible record of your Time Capsule on the Ethereum blockchain. Your data will be added to the Not Forgotten Smart Contract which will renew every year for 300 years, so that when people search for you online in the future they will know that it was you who once said “this legacy is mine”. 
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