A note on Privacy

NotForgotten intends to create and preserve a library of human experience which can be recorded, found, accessed and researched over the next few centuries.

1. Archival records are defined as a cultural monument in legislation. Care and protection of archival records is defined in the declaration of archives and in the code of archival ethics. Archives are public institutions and must be publicly accessible and available for use.

2. NotForgotten adheres to preservation policy standards set forth by the U.S. Library of Congress, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, and WITNESS. Not Forgotten will rely on the collected expertise of preservation experts follow the recommended guidelines of the (United States) National Digital Stewardship Alliance Levels of Digital Preservation and the “Guidelines for the preservation of digital heritage” from UNESCO and the National Library of Australia. Not Forgotten is committed to maintaining a preservation system aligned with the goals outlined within the Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS) Reference Model (ISO 14721:2003).

3. The purpose of libraries are to make the world’s knowledge more accessible. NotForgotten intends to create a library of human experience, and for this purpose is a registered OCLC library. Part of maintaining membership in the cooperative is sharing our holdings information and employing a library management system that facilitates global sharing. We preserve video records in a ISO-27001 certified data repository system

4. We, in accordance to these librarian and archival procedures valorise and describe our collection which includes information on the creators of the Videos. The information we capture inside of and beside our archive and library records will by definition be public and not private. We use your “advance directives” to enable privacy for a period, but to make the archives all ultimately public. Our records by necessity have the characteristics of the individual archiver.

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