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Film your video or schedule a 

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Virtual Time Traveler

Schedule an online virtual filming in high definition with a professional interviewer for 1 hour. 

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On Site Concierge Film

Schedule a professional videographer, complete with equipment, on-site for a 2 hour film session.

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Secure traditions, stories, family history and multimedia.

Send a future message, pass down traditions, share your story, save your life's work or preserve family history with confidence.

Choose a private or public archive

Optional Ethereum Smart Contract for select Archive

Feature limited to select archives.

Not Forgotten 

Not Forgotten Digital Preservation Library


International Time Capsule Society Registry


WorldCat Online Archives

Reproduce & secured in 3 locations

Archivists regularly update our technology to prevent technological obsolescence. Librarians catalog your archive and link it to your family history.

Protect Digital Files

Secure videos, images, documents, audio, life's work or whatever digital files are meaningful to you.

Add Family History

Three generations can be linked to your archive in GEDCOM format with a pedigree chart. Greater detail means improved traceability centuries from now.

Set Opening Date

Keep your archive public with an instant opening date or go private for up to 300 years with a future opening date.

Need professional assistance?

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Personal Video Templates

Not Forgotten includes a full gallery of templates to quickly make your videos shine. Use online and in-app teleprompters, interview guides and more to make your own masterpiece.

Schedule online or on-location

Schedule an online virtual filming in high definition with a professional interviewer for 1 hour. 

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Meet the Film Team

Certified interviewers,  professional cinematographers and videographers recording stories online and on-location

Add a future message using rich storytelling tools

Submit archive and share your legacy book

Multiple vivid and memorable ways to record meaningful moments. Teleprompters, templates, interview guides and a film team with professional interviewers are on hand to assist.

Our Library Status

Our library status enable us to create legitimate library cards for every archive.
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Preservation Trust

We set aside a portion of fees to cover all foreseeable technology costs and storage fees including in our long-term storage facilities.
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Owned Not Rented

Subscription-free, rent-free, ready to enjoy any time you wish with onetime payment.
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Futureproof Access Anytime

Record video or schedule a filming

Multiple vivid and memorable ways to record meaningful moments, in-app, online or via our film team of professional videographer, for the future.

Storytelling Tools

Apps, interviewers, teleprompters, templates, interview guides and a film team are on hand to assist.

Record & Upload

Upload video in a variety of formats or record meaningful moments.

Additional Media

Preserve photos, vital documents, voicemails, recipes, sound recordings, music and memorabilia.

Here's how it works

See how Not Forgotten keeps your history alive.

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Your  Legacy Book 

Legacy books hold all your archiving contents including your own edited video . 

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