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Stand out.

Become a Not Forgotten® affiliate and earn commissions by helping generations of families connect through legacies. We love to work with consumer-friendly websites featuring unique, worthwhile content. Gifting platforms and family history sites are a natural fit, as are sites focused on scrapbooking, heritage travel, research  and family.

Partnerships underscore our community. 

The Solution

Expert Assistance

Self Assemble

Charitable Association

Capturing history

Legacy products build community engagement and create priceless treasures for families. Library collections in the name of large charitable, educational or religious entities build thriving hubs of engagement and history simultaneously. Looking for unique fundraisers including Not Forgotten weeks or #takemebacktents?

Industry Association

A unique confluence of technologies

Keeping abreast of technology in the archiving, genealogy and librarian world. Not Forgotten works with experts in the field of media technology, genealogy, block chaining, audio visual archiving and librarians, as well as being a direct associate of the following bodies:

  • OCLC : Global Library Cooperative

  • International Council of Archives

  • FHISO : Family History International Standards Organisaiton

  • AMIA : Association of Moving Image Archivists


A unique offer

Not Forgotten products are available through creatives, retail partners, ambassadors, experience partners and retirement homes.

Looking to differentiate - offer legacy products as an experience or valuable add-on to your portfolio?

Film Team

In partnership with storytellers

Seeking new ways to boost your videography business? Exciting Opportunity for Videographers. New Services For Customers, Past and Present. Boost your revenue with new legacy technology. Make your stories last longer, up to 300 years.  Film for us virtually or in person - your own work is credited and searchable in public libraries. The beauty of the Not Forgotten Videographer Certification is how it takes what you already do and generates more options for making that happen - participate in fundraising, become the ultimate gift and creating priceless productions for families that last for generations. Legacy products are a huge market to serve. Our projects take place in one location. What this means for you is simple, no nonsense filming. You film the stories at one location, edit them in line with clear guidelines

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