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When I started SIMPly See Media I wanted to help people bring their visions to reality. Along the way I was reconnected with my family at a family reunion and immediately was overwhelmed with this sense of belonging. I wanted to know everything about my family and our rich history. I started diving into researching my family history and was frustrated at times that there wasn't enough information or that often times I could only imagine the stories of those who were here before me. I knew there was a better way to bring my family stories, wisdom and history to life.

I joined NotForgotten - to keep stories and legacies sage, and make stories discoverable and accessible for future generations to enjoy. I believe that our stories help us all see how we connect to the world, that leaving a legacy shouldn't cost a fortune, and that by participating in the NotForgotten library we weill all contribute to having better understanding of our past.

Today the NotForgotten Library Depository has expanded and documented many thousands of time capsules. We lead the International Time Capsule Society which opened its doors over thirty years ago. Our library is in Princeton and the society is headquartered at Oglethorpe Universuuty in Atlanta, Georgia where the Crypt of Civilization, regarded as the original time capsule, was prodly sealed in 1937.

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