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Storytelling has been a passion of mine for as long as I could remember. Even before discovering my love for music, carrot cake, or the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat, I loved to read, create, and tell stories. Many would daydream during class, I took it a step further. I would create comic books. I would write short stories to entertain classmates and frustrate teachers, although that practice paid off when I earned a perfect score in the 4th grade on the narrative writing portion of my standardized test. At home and on road trips, I would create countless stories with my siblings and even used action figures to act out my stream of consciousness storylines. Then in 11th grade, my life was forever changed.

My English Literature teacher gave each student the option to write a research paper or create a short video on a story from the Canterbury Tales. I hate writing papers so it was a no brainer. Up until then, I never created a video. I filmed some family events and volunteered as a cameraman at my mom’s church, but this was unchartered territory. After writing the script, directing my classmates, being the lead actor, shooting when I wasn’t on camera, and teaching myself how to edit, I discovered a new passion: filmmaking. I knew at that moment I wanted to be a filmmaker and spend the rest of my life creating content that will entertain, enlighten, or educate.

I attended UCF for Film Studies, and after nearly getting my sketch comedy group off the ground, and working my first video job out of college, I learned I have an eye for creating cinematic images and enjoy the grind of production life, so I became a Cinematographer. There aren’t many black cinematographers in the film industry so I pride myself on being the representation for aspiring cinematographers of color that I didn’t have growing up. Since then, I have worked on various films such as Amazon original “Free Meek” documentary series, “Boston2Philly”, shot amazing content for Nike, Drexel, PBS, PETA, along with a variety of branded content, TV shows, documentaries, commercials, and music videos with the list continuing to grow. I aspire to collaborate with both filmmakers and business owners looking to tell their unique stories in a unique way.

My goals are to become a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, help tell millions of stories including a few of my own, and grow iLovett Films into a premiere film production studio community creating permanent jobs and a creative platform for artists around the world. Connect with me to collaborate and become a part of my journey.

Watch my reel, my latest projects and contact me to find out how I can use my skills to boost the production value for your next video. I look forward to creating with you in the future!

Eric Lovett Jr is a cinematographer from Philadelphia whose love of storytelling started at a very young age. As a freelancer for seven years, he decided to create his own production company for brands to market their business. His goal was to become the “top-tier film production company in Philly.” After meeting him and learning about iLovett Films, we knew we wanted to be apart of his journey. We were drawn to his community-driven approach, and we can’t wait to see him succeed here at NotForgotten. Welcome to the team, Eric!

Eric Lovett Jr.

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