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Russ Fulmore is an award winning content creator and a married father of three daughters. Dramas, and comedies with a hint of science fiction are his preferred genres. He gets excited about the process of world building. Russ has written the award winning web series Precinct 757 and SOUL of the Family. He has also written the lifestyle series, The Second Act with Benita Adams and the docuseries, Hear This. He has two documentaries, scheduled for release in late 2021 to early 2022 and also has two reality TV pilots in development.
Russ received his BA in Cinema and Television from Regent University and is currently working on a master’s in creative writing from Full Sail University. Russ has written content for Cox Cable 11, SKY4, EBNY.TV and The Wynn Network.
Russ calls himself, a late bloomer as he says he arrives at certain nuances a little later than most but catches up well. Russ is currently in the process of writing his first novel and comic book series. Rus also enjoys the collaborative process and enjoys working in a team environment. More information about Russ can be found on his website,

Russell Fulmore

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