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Relay For Life Video Collection

Browse inspiring stories from one of the world's largest peer-to-peer fundraising events fighting against cancer.

Not Forgotten Frame + Online Memorial

Create a unique online memorial for your loved one and secure your memories in a real library

Livestrong Video Collection

Shop wristbands or add your own 90-second video to the Livestrong Library for the next 25 years - free.

Protecting celebrations for a lifetime & beyond

Share all the tingles of life's celebrations for generations. Graduations, weddings, babies and reunions.

Start securing celebration

Safe for generations to appreciate.

Family history, art, recipes, sports, family history.

Life's Works 

Be the voice for loved ones. Secure their legacy.


Record and document your will. 


Leave something special for the ones you love the most

Future Messages

Share Mom's stories with your great grandkids. 


Document traditions to show future generations what makes your history unique and special.


Not Forgotten is the only wristband reseller that shares its proceeds with the Livestrong foundation. 

Shop the wristband that started a worldwide phenomenon

View latest collection

Capture special moments with the Not Forgotten Film Team. Get professionally produced and edited archive videos.

Build video collections with professional assistance

In honor of Livestrongs 25th anniversary, NotForgotten developed the Livestrong Library where community stories are preserved to share.

Celebrating 25 years of Livestrong with special library status

Leave something special for the ones you love the most or a little gift to your future self.

Record future messages for yourself or loved ones

Teach values, build bonds and belonging with future generations. 

Save your traditions for the next generation

Share all the tingles of life's celebrations for generations. Graduations, weddings, babies and reunions.

Celebrate significant milestones with special library status

Safe for generations to appreciate. Family history, art, recipes, sports, talents and research.

Your life's work deserves premium preservation

Be the voice for loved ones. Secure their legacy and allow their memory to live on for generations.

Keep memories alive and accessible

Level up with library status

International Time Capsule Society

Since 1937

Providing special library services to catalog and map every one of its time capsule records since 1937.

Pet Smart Frame + Online Memorial
Display a photo of your beloved pet next to a collar or memento.

Create a unique online memorial with photos, videos and special memories. Access with Library Labels. Download, print and share to reconnect with special moments anywhere, anytime.

Personal Archives
Preserve your digital files for futureproof access

Not Forgotten's archival science protects your digital files in a real library, cataloged and mapped for the future.

Cancer Support

In partnership with Livestrong & American Cancer Society

Check out our partner products in support of people and families affected by cancer.

Tamper Proof

Records are de-linked from the cloud - safe from privacy violation, hacking and cyber attacks. 

Format Updates

Archivist regularly update technology so archive formats are always relevant and accessible.

Library Status

Library status enables us to create official bibliographic records for your uploaded media.

Subscription Free

Your onetime payment buys your preservation space in three locations for up to 300 years.

Your data, our Trust

Not Forgotten is committed to future proofing its legacies in its holdings. This means ensuring they are discoverable long into the future. For that reason we are a registered library. Each legacy produced by Not Forgotten has its own library card.




The purpose of libraries is to make the world’s knowledge more accessible. Not Forgotten is creating a library of human stories saved in legacy products, and for this purpose is a registered library.




In order to maintain our status as a library, we must share information about our holdings and employ a library management system that facilitates global sharing.




We preserve records in a ISO-27001 certified data repository system. This means that Not Forgotten Customers will have a preserved library record which will last generations.




The library records can be viewed here and are and added to WorldCat.


Our digital lives are as much a part of us today as our physical lives. The most fundamental impulse that drives collecting institutions like archives, museums and libraries: memory. How do societies document evidence and information about the past in such a way that will be useful for their members in the present as well as for anyone at anytime in the future? How do families pass down their knowledge, experiences, histories and legends from one generation to the next? People have been successful at this endeavor for centuries and centuries. Different groups in different times have employed a diverse set of available technologies to communicate to future generations, including oral traditions, written traditions and documentary recording media (still images, sound recordings and moving images). “We need to share stories; we need to write to each other, and about each other; and we need to record our voices and our likenesses. We cannot preserve everything. And not everything needs to be preserved. But the more we talk, the more we write and the more we document, the better chance some fragment of our expressions and experiences will make its way to our descendants.”


How to make a Digital Legacy Product?

The overall process is described as Assemble - Archive - Access. Customers are most actively involved in Assemble.


Assemble will broadly follow :

1. Select and purchase your product

2. Set up an account - you will receive a "new account verification email" as well as "your account is now open".

3. Tell us about the owner of the the Legacy.

4. Enter the owners family history data (optional - skipped for organizations).

5. Upload your headshot for your personalized library card.

6. Organize, catalog and format your digital assets for upload (if included). Decide what digital assets to include that serve your purpose - for example decide what is most important to you, which information characterizes you and what information has enduring value to you and your family. Follow digital guidelines.

7. Create and upload your Not Forgotten Video (optional) - select a template - create your prompts - film your scenes - upload your scenes.

8. Receive your records and legacy book : genealogy, library, blockchain.


What Is The Overall Process For Creating a Legacy Product?

You've got questions.
We've got answers.

Join this generation's moment in history

Futureproof your media and get library status today

Frame + Online Memorial

Create a lasting window into the life of loved ones

Personalize a frame, create an online memorial and share it all with friends and family anytime, anywhere.

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