How it works

  1. Create a video
  2. Share it
  3. We preserve it
  4. Be found
  5. Secured by the Trust

International Library

We use centuries old librarian tools to create your Video records and store these on the International library archives.


Q: What is the purpose of being a library?

A: The purpose of libraries is to make the world’s knowledge more accessible. NotForgotten intends to create a library of human experience, and for this purpose is a registered OCLC library. In order to maintain our status as an OCLC library, we must share information about our holdings and employ a library management system that facilitates global sharing. We preserve video records in a ISO-27001 certified data repository system. This means that NotForgotten Customers (who purchase a 150 or 300 year package) will have a preserved library record which will last generations.

Family history records

We use genealogy tools to link your Video record to your family data.


Q: How will entering my family data help people find my Video?

A: After you’ve created your Video, NotForgotten will give you the opportunity to enter certain genealogical information about your family into the primary NotForgotten Website. Entering this information is optional, but doing so will greatly improve the chances that people looking for information about you will be able to connect with your video 50, 150, or even 300 years from now.

Your GEDCOM file will contain a link to your Video URL as well as the location of your Video in the Long-Term Storage Vault. If you elect to enter your genealogical information, NotForgotten will generate and supply you with your GEDCOM file and its unique identifier which links information about your family tree to the virtual and physical locations of your Video.

Blockchain records

We make your record permanent and unalterable by storing it using blockchain technology - so that when people search for you online in the future, they will know that it was you who once said "this Video is mine".


Q: What is a blockchain Smart Contract

A: Blockchain is a decentralized growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data. A smart contract is a self-enforcing agreement embedded in computer code managed by a blockchain. If you create a “smart contract” on the blockchain, it will be stored and run in a decentralized manner.

The NotForgotten smart contract connects a users identity and genealogy data to their Video archive using their private key and the contract renews every year to ensure the data stays live and easily discoverable for hundreds of years on the Ethereum blockchain. This creates a tamper proof connection between a persons identity, their genealogy record and their Time Capsule.

These transactions are discoverable, trackable and irreversible.

Multiple storage locations

NotForgotten abides by Library of Congress world-class archiving and metadata standards, where videos and records are transcribed and encoded, before copies are stored in two separate locations in the United States, on two types of media.


Q: What is the NotForgotten Archiving Policy?

A: The Policy outlines the recommendations and best practices put forth by standards bodies and leading international archival organizations and applies them to the NotForgotten archiving system. It covers technical infrastructure guidelines, an outline of applications and how they work together as a system, metadata guidelines, records policy guidelines, and an audit report and checklist.

The Digital Preservation Trust

NotForgotten is backed by a Digital Preservation Trust and Guarantee Fund which works hand in hand with an official library entity to ensure the Video media and technology are updated periodically so that your video is preserved and protected for centuries. Your data does NOT rot and when the time comes, your Video will be as watchable as it is today.


Q: How will my future descendants get a copy of the video?

A: The NotForgotten library status and tools, the Archiving Policy, the Digital Preservation Trust, the separate legal entity that is the Depository and the will all work together to ensure the archives are preserved.

They will be able to contact the Preservation Trust to obtain the information on how they retrieve your video. The Digital Preservation trust is tasked with ensuring communications are put out regarding the location and accessibility of the archives, and will guide them through the process of obtaining a copy. This is currently maintained on the "library records site".

    What you do

  • Account setup

    Name, email, password. Submit a license code or buy your package. Make your “Advance Directive”.

  • Build and submit archive

    Decide what to say. Decide when and how you are going to film. Use our app. Upload your video.

  • Family data

    Capture your family data. Optional but will vastly improve your chances of being found in the future.

  • Receive and share

    Download your finished capsule. Share it with family, embed it in your will. Be found for generations to come. Rest assured.

    What we do

  • Encoding and storage

    Video is transcribed and encoded with meta-data. Archival copies created and put into long term cloud and tape storage.

  • Ancestry file

    Your personal genealogy record will be created, embedding links to your virtual and tape video copies.

  • Archive cataloging

    A transcript and record of your archive will be created in the worlds largest library catalogue.

  • Blockchain encrypting

    Your genealogy and library records are locked to your video data unalterably and permanently in a blockchain smart contract.

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