Unique story telling features.

Features that give a more complete picture of a person :- capturing personal stories, history and significant life events. Capture the "real you". Use a NotForgotten certified videographer or our DIY tools to upload personal digital photos, videos and documents or film a memorable audiovisual legacy - a "NotForgotten Video".


“NotForgotten’s Digital Time Capsule is a Scrapbook that Will Live for Centuries”

|| Fortune Herald | Technology

Every capsule is linked to a family history.

So it can be discovered and enjoyed by families for generations.


“Never Be Forgotten. NotForgotten’s new and ambitious idea: Video memories that last 300 years”

|| California Business Journal

Every Time Capsule has a “proof of existence."

Created using the combined power of AI, blockchain and library tools. Keeping the trail to your story alive for up to 300 years.


“Artificial Intelligence Meets Blockchain to Put New Spin on the Traditional Time Capsule”

|| TGDAILY | Science

Combatting the possibility of data rot and server failure

By creating three versions of each digital time capsule, conducting regular technology updates, providing secure storage and complying to world class archiving and meta-data standards


“NotForgotten Strives for Immortality with Digital Personal Time Capsule ”

|| Reuters

Professionally preserved for centuries

The Time Capsule library is cataloged and archived under the care of the Library and Digital Preservation Trust who exist to ensure the time capsules are taken care of, both physically and financially, for centuries to come.


“New personal archiving enables users to create a lasting legacy through a digital time capsule and preserve it using blockchain for up to 300 years”

|| Yahoo Finance

An independent library keeping time capsules accessible to the public.

The NotForgotten library exists as an independent company with the purpose of itemizing and cataloging the NotForgotten time capsules as well as ensuring they are accessible to the public.


“one step closer to creating a more complete profile about humans in a time and place in history”

|| Bloomberg

Built in artificial intelligence to create additional knowledge and learning about humans at a time and place in history.

Enabling us to explore what made people happy, how they interpreted major events, and how times have changed.


“NotForgotten will essentially be an easily-searchable, purpose-built window into the past.”

|| Yahoo Finance

Its easy to get started

01: Create a Time Capsule
02: Share it or bury it
03: Copies saved in secure vault
04: Historical records created
05: Protected by an independent library trust


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