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300 Year Virtually Filmed Archive

Legacy Products  /  Expert Assistance

Virtual Time Traveler



On the day, click on the link provided via email and text. Your videographer will be waiting in the online meeting room to explore your storyboard and film with you for one hour. Your interview will be recorded in high definition. After that they will do a full edit and work with Not Forgotten to submit your film to your archive.


After booking your appointment, you will receive an email including an archive code  which should be redeemed from the “log in” section on this site. Enter your family data, and upload your digital assets into your archive. You will not need to upload your own video, your film team w ill do this.  > Learn more

Choose a date and time from a list of available appointment slots. Enter your name, email address, and phone number.  Enter your payment information and a coupon code, if you have one. You'll  receive a confirmation email with a link to your online video appointment details and a calendar invite.

Legacy Products

Mapping Technology

Intelligent tracing tools are used to map each legacy in the WorldCat - the worlds consolidated library catalog. Making finding legacies as easy as doing a library book search.

Hybrid Physical-Digital Storage

Copies of each archive are preserved on three types of media, in three locations and actively monitored for rot. The technology of each legacy product is updated regularly to ensure its accessible for centuries.

Genealogy File (GEDCOM)

The references and records of your legacy are linked to three generations of your family data. When this file is uploaded to any genealogy tool, your legacy can be discovered and easily accessed.

Not Forgotten Video Archive

Secure your archive in the care of the Preservation Trust worry free for generations of your descendants to enjoy. Option to keep it completely private for up to 50 years. 

Gifting & Delivery

For customers who want a recipient to receive something more tangible than a digital gift card they can select a luxury envelope which will be to be delivered to their intended recipient's physical address (USA and Canada only). Our digital gift cards can be printed out and given to the recipient on the day you choose.

Bookings are made online and confirmed via email. Once the booking is complete customers are ready to start assembling their archive.

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Film Team

Our professional team of cinematographers

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Standard Features

Futureproof Storage

Keeping archives healthy & ready to view

Futureproof Search

.Easy to find generations from now

Futureproof Access

Your archive is protected by our Trust for generations

Virtual Archive Features 

Have your story recorded for an hour with a member of the Film Team on the Not Forgotten high definition filming platform. Developed so that a high quality recording is produced which will last for generations.  Perfectly convenient and much higher quality than other major online video meeting platforms. 

HD Filming Session

Select as an option and have your legacy added to the Not Forgotten Ethereum smart contract. This traceable, distributed and tamper proof transaction means your legacy will be around for generations, so that when people search for you online in the future they will know that it was you who once said “this is mine”.

Blockchain Smart Contract

2GB is plenty of storage for photos, voicemails, short videos, and other digital memorabilia and documents. 2GB gave us enough to store 1000 photos 

Additional Multimedia Storage

The ultimate in library card technology - containing your spoken words transcribed to written words together with all records relating to your legacy and links to your video. Personalized with your own headshot so your descendants can identify your likeness.

Personalized Library Record

Designed with ease of use in mind, all you have to do is click the link from your email or text and enter the interview with your chosen film maker, so you focus on your interview and not the technology.

Instant Access

Democratized Ownership

Digital Preservation Trust

The best HD gets.

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