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Library Storage

Archive Videos are cataloged in a real library for friends and family to access for future generations.

Format Updates

Not Forgotten regularly screens for data rot and updates file formats.

Advance Directive

Set an opening date to forward your Archive Video into the future.

Recording Platform

Film your story, your way. Teleprompters, templates and interview guides; apps and professionals on hand.


Spoken words from your Archive Video are transcribed into readable text,  then transferred to your library record.


Three generations of your family history are linked to your archive records in the universal genealogy code - GEDCOM.

Need professional assistance?

Create your film in collaboration with the Not Forgotten film team, in-home or virtually.
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Schedule a conversation with our Film Team online or on-location.

Meet our Film Team

A certified professional Videographer will conduct the interview, provide a full edit of your video and submit it to Not Forgotten. 

Storytelling Tools

Access teleprompters, templates, interview guides and a Film Team for expert assistance.

Record & Upload

After you have recorded or uploaded your video segments to the editing team we will process the video for the final export.

Add Multimedia

Use the uploader to drag and drop all of your multimedia into your archive from your computer, cloud storage or smartphone.
Multiple vivid and memorable ways to record meaningful moments, in-app, online or via our film team of professional videographer, for the future.

Record or schedule a filming

Online interviews are held on a high-definition filming platform for improved archive quality. Click the link from your email or text and enter the interview with your chosen film maker.

Instant access to a professional interviewer

Pro Feature
Personal Booking

Collaborate with artistic directors, journalists and videographers for a unique Archive Video.

Pro Feature
Smart Contract

Select as an option and have your legacy added to the Not Forgotten Ethereum smart contract.

Pro Feature

Professional Editing

A professionally edited video; and everything included from the 300 year archive.

Pro Feature

Not Forgotten Library

Our library status enable us to create legitimate library records accessible via our online library.
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WorldCat Registry

Archives are cataloged and their library records reproduced on the World Cat - the world's largest single library catalog.
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International Time Capsule Society

Archives are registered with the International Time Capsule Society and mapped to your location of choice.
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Optional Blockchain Smart Contract

An optionally record of your Archive can be recorded onto the Ethereum blockchain via a smart contract.
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Pro Feature
Upload your own production or hire an award winning Not Forgotten videographer to pull it all together in a beautiful edit.

Leave the editing to us

Pro Feature

Submit archive and add to your collection

Record your story, special moments and more with an Archive Videos

See how Not Forgotten keeps digital files alive for generations.

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Gold Standard

Not Forgotten adheres to preservation policy standards set forth by the U.S. Library of Congress, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, and WITNESS.


NotForgotten is aligned with the goals outlined in the Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS) Reference Model (ISO 14721:2003).


Catalogs and records are maintained in a ISO- 27001 certified data repository system.

Stopping Digital Decay

All digital media will suffer data rot and it can start to set in within two years. To fight this, all copies of your legacy are actively monitored for natural decay.

When it is discovered a new copy is produced from the masters so at all time three "data rot" free healthy copies of your legacy are safely maintained.

Format Updates

Format obsolescence is the biggest killer of legacies. As technologies become redundant, a legacy can quickly become inaccessible - even in a persons single lifetime. 

The Digital Preservation Trust will support your legacy product hundreds of years into the future -  updating technology so your legacy format is always relevant.


This means families will be able to view a digital file regardless of what long forgotten media it was produced on in 2021. 

Going Private

In the event that you elect to make your video private, you will be provided with a link to download your video shortly after completion of editing, which will be available for a limited window of time.

Access archives online or on the app

Select an Archive and start saving your history today.

Your video can record for up to 30 minutes, answer up to 8 questions or simply capturing your thoughts in open free form format.

Use templates or go free form for 30 minutes.

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