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Library 2.0

Future-proofing your Legacy

How Not Forgotten technology keeps legacy alive

A vault containing your personal video & digital assets

Archive Features

Includes a 30 minute video and storage options of up to 20GB of space for all your voicemails, photos, documents and more. The NotForgotten film team can produce a top of the range video, or use the apps complete with teleprompters and guides to help you make your own masterpiece.

300 Year

Video + Multimedia

Self Assemble


Offering a styled video, ample storage space for all your digital life, personalized library record and 10 generations of preservation.

  • Video Message + Multimedia Storage

  • 300 Year Digital Archive

  • Optional Blockchain Smart-contract

150 Year

Video Message

Self Assemble


Say "hello" great grandchildren. Same as the 50 year legacy plus extra 100 years and a personalized library card.

  • Video Message only

  • 150 Year Digital Archive

  • Set specific opening date

50 Year

Video Message

Self Assemble


A simple elegant video created using the Not Forgotten film tools, traceable through the library for your lifetime.

  • Video Message only

  • 50 Year Digital Archive

  • Set specific opening date

Gold standard preservation & archiving