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How it works

Your life is your legacy. Now record your story and let NotForgotten keep it safe and alive for generations. You film it, enjoy it and we do the rest.

Film and Upload

Film your story on the app, or contact us for in-home professionally filmed service. Don't want a video? Upload your photos,family tree or documents and have them preserved.


We make copies of your archive and store it in climate controlled vaults. Genealogy, library and blockchain records are created to make it easy for your descendants to find your Time Capsule.

Enjoy for lifetimes and beyond

In a week receive your copy to share and enjoy for lifetimes and beyond (publicly or privately). A priceless family treasure.

Packages at a glance

All Packages come standardwith:

  • -
    Recording tools to help capture your memories,story or advice.
  • -
    A permanent genealogy record of you bound to your Time Capsule.
  • -
    Multiple copies reproduced and cared for in multiple locations.
  • -
    Backed by long term Digital Preservation Trust and Guarantee Trust Fund

50 YEARS $79.00
50 year preservation
Basic package, filmed on app

Perfect if you are looking for a simple beautiful 30 minute video, or for family fun creating your video.

Preserved for a few generations.
150 YEARS $99.00
150 year preservation package
Basic package, filmed on app
- Personalized library record
- Personalized blockchain record

Perfect if you are looking for a meaningful gift for life's milestones 60th, 70th, 80thbirthdays, retirement, graduation, weddings

A beautiful 30 min video

Preserved for a few generations.
300 YEARS $149.00
300 year preservation package
Basic package, filmed on app
- Personalized library record
- Personalized blockchain record
- Upload your own photos, family tree books, sound recordings

Perfect gift for Genealogy buffs, Family History Researchers, people with research and important family memorabilia they want preserved for 10 generations, or those looking to leave a true legacy

Don't want to make a Video, but have precious pictures, family tree records and documents you want to preserve?

This is the right package
Professional $1000-$1800
300 Package (everything included) +
Professional in home filming.
Two cameras, lighting, sound, full edit

Perfect for a very high quality legacy video

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