Packages at a glance

All Packages come standard with:

  • - Recording and uploading tools to capture your memories,story, messages, or advice.
  • - Set your time capsule opening date
  • - A permanent genealogy record of you bound to your Time Capsule.
  • - Mapped on International time capsule registry .
  • - Multiple copies reproduced and cared for in multiple locations.
  • - Backed by long term Digital Preservation Trust and Guarantee Trust Fund

50 year preservation
Basic package,30 minutes video, filmed on app

Perfect if you are looking for a simple beautiful 30 minutes video, or for family fun creating your video.

Preserved for a few generations.
150 year preservation package
Basic package, 30 minutes video,filmed on app
- Personalized library record

Perfect if you are looking for a meaningful gift for life's milestones 60th, 70th, 80thbirthdays, retirement, graduation, weddings

A beautiful 30 min video

Preserved for a few generations.
300 year preservation package
Basic package,30 minutes video, filmed on app
- Personalized library record
- Personalized blockchain record
- Upload your own photos, family tree books, sound recordings (2GB)

Perfect gift for Genealogy buffs, Family History Researchers, people with research and important family memorabilia they want preserved for 10 generations, or those looking to leave a true legacy

Don't want to make a Video, but have precious pictures, family tree records and documents you want to preserve? This is the right package.

Virtual Videographer Time Traveler $399
300 year Package (everything included) +
Online filming via phone or PC with a videographer, full edit

Recieve a 30 minutes professionally produced film
Perfect for when you need personal guidance through the process Or gift for someone who is far away and technically challenged. All they need is a smart phone

In-home Concierge Filming $1500
300 Package (everything included) +
Professional in home filming.
Two cameras, lighting, sound, full edit

Receive a 30 minutes professionally filmed video
Perfect for a very high quality legacy video

Memory Box $449
150 year preservation +
Basic package, video filmed on app
-Personalized library record
-Personalized blockchain record
-Upload your own video, photos, family tree book, sound recordings
20GB additional upload to the Time Capsule included

Perfect for large legacy collections including digitized art, videos, photo collections, books, sound recordings & music, documents, architectural drawings, web pages.

Upgrade "Try-before-you-buy" or short term packages
- to 150 year Time Capsules (only video, no data)
- to 300 year (video and 2GB data included) lighting, sound, full edit

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