Our Story

At NotForgotten, we believe there is a better way to remember stories. A more high tech, less gimmicky, more trusted way of preserving digital Video.

It started one night over dinner talking about “who would you most like to have dinner with”. The conversation quickly became serious as Paul told me that the person he would truthfully most love to have dinner with would be his Dad – who had died when Paul was a small boy. Paul spoke about how much he would have valued being able to hear his Dad talk, just once - to get a sense of who he was, the essence of HIM - but that all he has now are faded photos, a newspaper article and LPWs vital records.

On the headstone of LP Watermans grave in the small remote town of Kalkaska, Michigan is written the inscription “Not Forgotten”.

Our Mission

From that day we became obsessed about building a solution to make stories survive for hundreds of years, and made it our mission to become the best story savers in the world, a human library of experience if you will. We knew that people care about forgetting and being forgotten. We knew that the world needed a solution to saving stories.

“We created NotForgotten with the aim to help people capture their stories and keep them preserved for hundreds of years,” “Whether it’s the big experiences, the little lessons, the secret to happiness, or the advice your parents gave you, we wanted to find an easy way to save stories so generations of family can access and enjoy them for centuries to come.”

The Challenge

We knew there were some major challenges …. Data rots… and the ravages of time destroy most media and very few people know how to prevent this; let alone to pass on the message to the generations that are coming after them where to find their video. Anyone can make a video, but to preserve it, properly store it, and ensure it can easily be found in 300 years is a major challenge.

The Solution

So we assembled a team of archivists, genealogists, blockchain experts, technologists and creatives to develop our make it – preserve it – find it solution; and we opened a library and formed the Digital Preservation Trust so that we could keep peoples’ stories in the proper way, and do it for centuries.

We are so excited to bring our technology to the world and to be part of saving your stories. This is our story, what’s yours?

Paul and Adrienne

Company Structure, The Trust and our Associates

Core to our purpose is to remain abreast of technology in the archiving, genealogy and librarian world and our partners and associates are central to that end. The Digital Preservation Trust was established separate to our operations to manage a Guarantee fund and to work hand in hand with the specialists, guided by an advisory board to care for the digital library.

Digital Preservation Trust

The Digital Preservation Trust has been established to ensure the longevity of NotForgotten’s archives and help keep our promises to our customers for centuries to come.

The NotForgotten Library is a separate entity from the operations of the company, and customer assets (Time Capsules) are part of this library. The NotForgotten Library and Guarantee Trust Fund is overseen by an advisory board responsible for the administration of our continuing obligations for hundreds of years – caring for and making decisions concerning the Time Capsules and the infrastructure which supports them

Our Partners

NotForgotten works with experts in the field of media technology, genealogy, audio visual archiving and librarians, as well as being a direct associate of the following bodies:

  • OCLC : Global Library Cooperative
  • International Council of Archives
  • FHISO : Family History International Standards Organisaiton
  • AMIA : Association of Moving Image Archivists

The company has videographer affiliates around the world. If you are interested in becoming a specialist Videographer, please contact admin@not-forgotten.com

Company Description for Investors

NotForgotten is a tech startup focused on a high tech way of saving peoples stories for centuries. Owned by Lynn Paul Waterman and Adrienne Waterman and started in 2019, the company helps its customers capture their stories and keep them preserved for hundreds of years.

Established in Princeton, NJ, USA, the company operates across UK, USA and Australia; and has an operating company and a “library” company under its holding company NotForgotten Digital Preservation Library LLC. The NotForgotten Library Depository (OCLC symbol IEFPD) which houses the assets of the Preservation Trust is also based in USA.

NotForgotten sells “Personalized Video Time Capsules” which are archived for up to 300 years by integrating high tech media production with the fields of genealogy, archiving, libraries, trust funds and blockchains. The records of the archives are preserved on an Ethereum Smart Contract, in personal genealogy records and on the WorldCat (4bn library records). These technologies and tools have all been bought together to form NotForgotten and to develop a unique solution to solve peoples need to be remembered.

The purpose of the company is to leverage technology to capture, store and protect the wisdom of the living world, so future generations can understand and learn from their ancestors like never before.

“Our ambition for our library is to utilize artificial intelligence to create additional knowledge and learning about humans at a time and place in history - what made them happy, how they interpreted major events, and how times have changed. Its fascinating seeing different perspectives across the generations on topics like social media and religion. When users are contributing to NotForgotten, they’re also essentially contributing to a future, accurate record of history for place and the time they were alive.”


Association of Moving Image Archivists


The Family History Information Standards Organisation

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International Council on Archives


The Global Library Co-Operative


Time Capsule Society