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Step 1


Gather your assets & format your files

Memories, messages, celebrations, life's work or just saving your favorite photos, your product should have a clear purpose. Do you need it to  last for your lifetime, for your grandchildren or do you want it discovered centuries from now?

Select An Archive

Select a stunning template. Whether you want a highly guided film or prefer freeform there's a template and interview guide for everyone. Graduations, weddings,  stories of survival,  memorials or 30 minute selfies. Prepare your notes and upload them if you plan to use teleprompter.

Prepare Your Film

Multimedia Plan

Use your storage for the items that support the purpose. For example decide what is most important to you, which information characterizes you and what media has enduring value to you and your family.

Prepare Family History

Your archive can be linked to your maternal and paternal grandparents, your parents and yourself.  Prepare your data on their birth and death dates and locations.

Organize Media

Create a consistent organizational structure and naming convention for your files.  Save your files in the highest possible resolution and open formats always  Finally create a list of “inventory”  describing exactly what is in each item.

Three generations of your family history are linked to your archive records. Greater detail means improved traceability centuries from now.

Upload Family History

Self Assemble Video

Use the app, interview guides, teleprompters and templates to film multiple scenes. Not Forgotten will style them into a full-feature stunning format. Editors will add music, lower third content, opening and closing sequences as well as transitions between scenes to combine scenes into a full feature film of your story. We do not edit any of the actual content of your interview.

Pro Team Video

Create your film in collaboration with the Not Forgotten film team - in-home or vitually. A certified professional Videographer will conduct the interview, provide a full edit of your video and submit it to Not Forgotten. 

Storage Only

Decide what digital assets  to include that serve your purpose - for example decide what is most important to you, which information characterizes you and what information has enduring value to you and your family.

Upload Multimedia

Use the uploader to drag and drop all of your multimedia into your archive from your computer, cloud storage or smartphone.

Upload Headshot

​​If you have selected a personalized  library card, upload your headshot ​​

Convert to Time Capsule

Set an opening date in the next 50 years and your legacy will be completely sealed until then

Step 2


Start the archival process.

A three x three x three storage strategy and gold standard preservation means your legacy is safe from digital decay and cyber attacks and that they’re never obsolete. 

Future-proof Storage

Every legacy is reproduced three times and is stored in three locations on three types of media, safe from natural disasters. A tape copy is kept in a high security facility, de linked from the cloud, safe from cyber attacks.

3x3x3 Future Proofing

All digital media will suffer data rot which can start to set in within two years. To fight this, all copies of your legacy are actively monitored for data rot. When it is discovered a new copy is produced from the masters so at all time three "data rot" free copies of your legacy are safely maintained.

Catching Data Rot

Format obsolescence is the biggest killer of legacies. As technologies become redundant, a legacy can quickly become inaccessible - even in a persons single lifetime. We will regularly update the format of your legacy.

Format Update

World class Library of Congress Preservation standards are applied to your legacy. 

Premium Preservation

Step 3


Connect, share and access your legacy for generations.

There is no use in making a legacy if it cannot be found generations from now. The library of legacies is meticulously cataloged through the Worldcat, library records,  family history records and on the blockchain so legacies can be found by their families centuries from now.

Catalog & Connect

Your legacy will receive its own legitimate library card which will be reproduced in the WorldCat catalog - the world’s most comprehensive database of  library collections. 

Your Library 2.0 Archive

Not Forgotten legacies are each linked to a family history record in the form of a GEDCOM file which can be uploaded to any family history site now or in the future to access your archive.

Future Proof Search - Family History

Blockchain smart contracts are optional add-ons providing the ultimate form of traceability, perfect for 300 year legacies. A discoverable, trackable and irreversible record of your legacy is chained and distributed on the Ethereum blockchain. So that when people search for you online in the future they will know with certainty that this legacy is yours.

Blockchain Add-on

When the time comes to access a legacy the breadcrumbs in the library, family history records, or blockchain will connect a family to their legacy and the Trust will provide access to it.

Connecting Families & Legacies

Three Steps to 300 Years

How It Works

Get Started

Expert Assistance

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