How to

Anyone can make a video, but to make a video worth remembering, to preserve it, and to ensure it can easily be found in 300 years is a major challenge. In this video we describe how we addressed the four key challenges which help our customers overcome these obstacles.

How to - Chapter 1

How to make Videos worth remembering. In this video we talk about how to capture your Video Time Capsule, how to use the app, and your options around sharing your Video on our stunning video platform.

How to - Chapter 2

How to ensure the technology survives 300 years. Here we describe our approach to updating the technology, archiving / storage practices and the policies and standards we adhere to which work together to protect the archive.

How to - Chapter 3

What’s the point of preserving a video for 300 years if no one knows how to find it? We discuss our “discoverability” layers we put down in the genealogy records, in the library and on the blockchain.

How to - Chapter 4

Who will look after the Videos when we are all gone? in this video we describe the library and Guarantee Trust and how we have created a framework to ensure the archives are cared for centuries.

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