How to create the perfect video

How will “your people” remember you? What memories or thoughts don’t you want to forget?

Think about how you want Your Story to exist....the best ones are real, delivered naturally.

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Think about how you want to present yourself and be remembered, be considered in what you say.

Your aim should be to “capture the essence of you”.

Decide who asks the questions

Making a family occasion out of it or using a family occasion to capture your video can work well. Alternatively, film it yourself and use the teleprompter.

Consider the backdrop

A good backdrop is a place that helps the audience feel the essence of you and your history or family. Avoid a big white wall behind you and a messy space.

Prepare your answers

Know what your three key messages are that you want to deliver – and make sure you can deliver them in the time given. You have thirty minutes in total for all eight questions.

Consider the noise levels

Outside filming can be tricky in cities as the background noises in your filming location will come through, Ideally use a blue-tooth microphone.

A reminder about privacy

Don’t over-share personal data, this will all be captured in your private records in the archive, and don’t have to be included in your video.

Where to look

Ideally, looking at the interviewer is more natural than looking straight to the camera and will result in a more natural video. Best to film a persons head and shoulders.

Let's create something worth remembering

We are so excited to have built this technology and to be part of saving stories – whether you are doing it for yourself, or for them. Why not create yours today?

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