The Rich features of a NotForgotten Video.

  • Its For: Yourself, for someone else, or produced as a memorial.
  • Inside it: Your life story or one story about a single significant event. Stories, memories, life lessons, a message to the future, or stories about "them".
  • Do it more than once: One for each major life event, or one every ten years. For everyone in your family. If you decide to make a series of capsules, all your capsules linked to you.
  • Be creative: Use an interview style template as a useful guides to capturing your story, or be free and film your story in a 30 min single scene.

Choose your plan

1 Preparation and Editing

Select your template

Whether its a big occasion: a milestone birthday, a wedding, a graduation; you want to tell your story of survival; simply capture a fleeting moment of childhood; do a thirty-minute selfie; or create a memorial to someone else :- there is a stunning template to suit the occassion. Browse the templates, select your template. Most templates include eight scenes although "my story" has only one for those who would like a single scene video. Browse the flipbook below to choose your template. Click on each icon to tour the features of a Time Capsule.

Write your prompts

Most people find it helpful to write prompts. Capture prompts for each scene when you set up your template - these can be printed or will be pushed to the teleprompter on the app to use during filming.

Sending for Editing

Editors will add music, lower third content, opening and closing sequences as well as transitions between scenes to combine scenes into a full feature film of your story. We do not edit any of the actual content of your interview. This could take a week or so.

2 Filming

Film an outstanding memorable audiovisual legacy for yourself or someone else - a "NotForgotten Video". Tell your story using stunning templates. Use the app to film your video scenes or upload your own scenes, and NotForgotten will edit them into a full-feature stunning format. Personal stories can also be created in collaboration with a certified NotForgotten videographer - in-home or vitually. After that .... its your choice whether to keep the video private or share it in the NotForgotten gallery.

Select the filming option that works for you


There are a multitude of ways to use the app: Film yourself with or without the teleprompter. Film someone else in the same room - point and record. Upload your scenes direct from your mobile. "Remote interview" someone else.

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NotForgotten Online Portal

Login to your account and upload your scenes direct from your PC. Login to the portal and conduct your own "remote interview" with someone else.

Hire a Professional

Hire a certified NotForgotten Videographer to film your story from the comfort of your own home. A certified professional Videographer will conduct the interview, provide a full edit of your video and submit it to NotForgotten. Choose between an in-home visit or an online interview. In-home concierge service includes 2 hours filming, lighting, 2 professional cameras, full edit. Result : very high quality video. A "Virtual Videographer" will film your story with you online, guiding you and interviewing you. 1 hour interview, full edit. Result : a video with a slightly lower visual and sound quality, but a high quality edit, hassle-free, high convenience.

Its easy to get started

01: Create a Time Capsule
02: Share it or bury it
03: Copies saved in secure vault
04: Historical records created
05: Protected by an independent library trust


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