How it works

Your life is your legacy. Now record your story and let NotForgotten keep it safe and alive for generations. You film it, njoy it and we do the rest.

Record and Upload

Record your story on the app, or contact us for in-home professionally filmed service. Don't want a video? Upload your photos,family tree or documents and have them preserved.


We make copies of your archive and store it in climate controlled vaults. Genealogy, library and blockchain records are created to make it easy for your descendants to find your Time Capsule.

Enjoy for lifetimes and beyond

In a week receive your copy to share and enjoy for lifetimes and beyond (publicly or privately). A priceless family treasure.

1 Create your story on Video

Your Video Time Capsule can be up to 30 minutes long. You have the choice of answering 8 questions or simply capturing your thoughts in a free form open format.

Preparing your exports

When you are happy with each Video segment you can choose to upload one by one or to wait and upload the full set of eight segments in one go. After you have submitted your Video segments to the editing team, we will do a bit of editing and then build your Video Time Capsule. This could take a week or two.

Getting started with the app

Download the app and login. You will then be guided through the process of checking the amount of free space on your device as well as testing your volume settings. The next step is to work your way through each of the segment recordings. Take your time, pause whenever you want and re-record if you choose. There is also a teleprompter to help you.

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Build your template

At sign up, enter personal information to receive a semi-tailored Video template, alternatively you can use a generic 8 question template. For each question you can enter prompts online to help remind yourself of what you want to say when it comes to recording.

2 Share your story on a stunning Video platform

Share your story on a leading high speed native cloud Video platfom used by some of the worlds leading players in news, media and sport.

You will be sent a link to download your Video Time Capsule from the NotForgotten Gallery. You will have a limited window of time to download it.

This is your personal copy to keep, to post and share

This is one of three copies in existence - you should keep this personal copy safe, but we will also have archived two other copies, for others to find long into the future.


Q: Why Does NotForgotten Share Peoples personal Videos

A: We are building a library, and libraries are by nature public, so all of the NotForgotten video archives will ultimately be available to the public. We want to learn about humans and their experience in a time and a place, and use artificial intelligence to understand humans better, and share that learning. But we understand not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal video, so the choice is up to each customer.

Make your Video public

If you would like to make your Video publicly viewable on the NotForgotten site, you may select the “Immediately publicly viewable” option at sign up. In which case your Video will be viewable online for a limited number of years (with options to extend). See our Terms and conditions for further details.


Q: What is an Advance Directive?

A: We are building a library, and libraries are by nature public, so all of the NotForgotten video archives will ultimately be available to the public. When you sign up for the Services, you will be asked whether you want your Video to be made publicly available “immediately” or at a future point in time (the date on which the Video is made publicly available is referred to as the “Public Availability Date”). As the creator of the Video, you can select any of the following options as the Public Availability Date for your Video: (i) “immediately” (i.e., the Video will be publicly available when the Video has been fully processed and finished), (ii) 10 years after creation of the Video, or (iii) 50 years after creation of the Video.”

Going private

In the event that you elect to make your Video private, you will be provided with a link to download your Video shortly after completion of editing, which will be available for a limited window of time.


Q: Will NotForgotten post all videos online?

A: No, we will only post your video online if it meets two conditions: First, you must indicate that you want your video to be “publicly available”. Second, we must confirm that the content of the video is appropriate. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

3 Regular technology updates. Secure storage. World class archiving and meta-data standards.

Your Video Time Capsule will be transcribed and encoded, and copies will be stored in two or more secure locations, on two types of media to ensure best archiving practice.

World class archiving standards

NotForgotten adheres to preservation policy standards set forth by the U.S. Library of Congress, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, and WITNESS. NotForgotten is aligned with the goals outlined in the Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS) Reference Model (ISO 14721:2003). Video records are maintained in a ISO- 27001 certified data repository system.

Stored in the cloud

Digital virtual copies are stored by a secure, durable cloud storage service for data archiving and long-term backup. This service is designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability, and provides comprehensive security and compliance capabilities.

Safely preserved

Tape copies are stored in high security vaults off-site in the care of a leading trusted third party with established protocols to protect your data. A rigorous chain-of-custody protocol is followed and secure logistics are used to ensure your Video is protected while in transit and at rest.

4 It’s no use having a Video Time Capsule that lasts 300 years if no one can find it.

Three ‘locator links’ are laid down in the right places so that your video can easily be found long after you are gone, wherever people are searching for you. Like little crumbs...

You will be sent a link to download your Video Time Capsule from the NotForgotten Library.

Bake your preserved Video records into your personal genealogy record

NotForgotten will generate and supply you with your unique GEDCOM file which links information about your family tree to the virtual and physical locations of your Video. When someone searches on genealogy tools in the future, our goal is that your file will come up and point them to your Video.


Q: What if I already have a genealogy record?

A: Many of our customers are family history enthusiasts and use tools like You can upload your GEDCOM file to our site, and we will use it to create your records. We will also provide you with “source” information which will reference your video locations which you can insert into your file using the genealogy tools you're currently using.

Using centuries-old library tools for your Video records

We are a designated “special” library, using centuries old library tools to create records which will help your Video be found long into the future. Your records will be held in the world’s largest library archives.


Q: What is WorldCat?

A: WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog. WorldCat libraries like NotForgotten are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information.

Worldcat itemizes the collections of 72,000 libraries in 170 countries and territories that participate in the OCLC global cooperative. Records are created of all (150 year and 300year) NotForgotten TimeCapsules and held in the database.

Encrypt your records in the Blockchain

Create a permanent unbreakable record of your Video Time Capsule on the Ethereum blockchain. Your data will be added to the NotForgotten Smart Contract which will renew every year for 300 years, so that when people search for you online in the future they will know that it was you who once said “this is mine”.


Q: What does a blockchain really do for me?

A: The two locations of your two archive copies will be locked together with your genealogy records and library records in perpetuity on the blockchain. You will verify this personally with a “private key” and you are the only person that can ever alter this record. This means that in the future when someone looks for you and finds multitudes of data of people with the same name, they will be certain that it was you and the Video in the archives is yours.

5 Secured by The NotForgotten Digital Preservation Trust

The Trust has been established with the primary mission to ensure the survival of NotForgotten’s archives and help keep our promises to our customers for centuries to come.

Your Video Time Capsule will be incorporated into the assets of the Trust

Our mission

The mission of NFDPLT is to contribute to research, by organizing, preserving, communicating, and sharing the record of human knowledge it holds in the NotForgotten archive.


Q: Is my video guaranteed to be preserved for up to 300 years?

A: Absolutely. We make decisions on storage strategies, technology strategies, archive discovery strategies and updating the code on annual blockchain event subscriptions to ensure your video lasts.

Let's create something worth remembering

We are so excited to have built this technology and to be part of saving stories – whether you are doing it for yourself, or for them. Why not create yours today?

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