How it works

Create a Time Capsule. Another major life event? Create another. Create a whole series. Make one for everyone in the family. Link them. Enjoy for lifetimes and beyond.

Create It

Fill your capsule - film a stunning NotForgotten Video telling your story - or let your personal photos, videos and documents that really matter to you tell your story. Film your story on the app, or contact us for professionally filmed services.

Copy it, bury it, and a lay a trace

Copies of your capsule are made and "buried" in the Digital Preservation Trust vaults. Genealogy, library and blockchain records make it easy for your descendants to find your Time Capsule.

Enjoy for lifetimes and beyond

Share and enjoy your NotForgotten video for lifetimes. Or keep the contents of your capsule private for future generations to discover. A priceless family treasure

1 Create your Time Capsule

Create your Time Capsule and link it to your family history forever. Choose to make a NotForgotten Video, and share it publicly; make a NotForgotten Video but keep it private until you are gone; or fill your capsule with documents, books, videos and photos.

Film a NotForgotten Video. Make it the centerpiece of your capsule.

The real you, for generations. Film an outstanding memorable audiovisual legacy - a "NotForgotten Video". Tell your story through one of our stunning templates. Use the app to film your video scenes or upload your own scenes to our site, and NotForgotten will edit it into a full-feature stunning format. Personal stories can also be created in collaboration with a certified NotForgotten videographer. After that .... its your choice whether to keep the video private or share it in the NotForgotten gallery.

Wedding video? Family history book? Family tree? Graduation certificate? Preserve your most precious Digital Assets

Upload your digital assets for preservation as part of your Time Capsule. Digital Assets are documents, images, videos, and audio files of any kind, or any valid file type on a PC or mobile device. Up to 2 GB of Digital Assets are included as part of 300 year packages only.

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Capture your Family Data.

NotForgotten creates a family history record for each time capsule so it can be discovered and enjoyed by families for generations. This file is called a GEDCOM file. Provide as much data about your family tree as you choose but the higher the detail, the higher the chances of your capsule being traced centuries from now.

2 Share it or bury it

All Time Capsules are copied and "buried" in the care of the Digital Preservation Trust. All capsules will eventually become a public library resource - you decide when.

To be discovered centuries from now

Decide when it becomes public

Time Capsules become public library property – after an optional time period prescribed by the user – with each capsule acting as an edition in NotForgotten’s library of shared human experience. This optional time period is your "Advance Directive" and sets the Public Availability Date for your Time Capsule.


“There’s even a whole phobia, athazagoraphobia, dedicated to the fear of being forgotten. With NotForgotten, people can tell their life story first-hand and offer life advice for their future family members."

|| Woman’s Daily Magazine

Share it in the Notforgotten gallery

If you filmed a NotForgotten video you have the option to either share your story in the public gallery showcase of NotForgotten Videos, or to keep it private.


“Consider, NotForgotten’s digital time capsule – the gift of immortalizing one’s life for centuries to come.”

|| Woman’s Daily Magazine

Put it away privately, worry free for future generations.

NotForgotten combats the possibility of data rot and server failure by creating three versions of each digital time capsule: one for the user, and two stored separately on different kinds of media, within secure vaults and servers, both in different locations in the United States. Read more about secure storage in our knowledge base.


“A scrapbook can be damaged, lost or destroyed but a NotForgotten video is securely stored in two locations: on the cloud and in a physical form, on a tape in a secure, climate-controlled facility.”

|| Fortune Herald

3 Lay a trail of historical records

In order for a Time Capsule to be "opened" centuries from now, it needs to be to be found centuries from now. "Proof of existence" is created in three ways so that your Time Capsule can be located long after you are gone, wherever people are searching for you.

Link your Time Capsule to your personal family data

NotForgotten will generate and supply you with your unique GEDCOM file which links information about your family tree to the virtual and physical locations of your capsule. When someone searches on genealogy tools in the future, our goal is that your file will come up and point them to your Time Capsule.

Your own library card

Bibliographic records of all 150 and 300 year capsules are created and placed in the WorldCat catalog - the world’s most comprehensive database of information about library collections. WorldCat makes library collections findable and accessible on the web, where most people start their search for information.

Your own encrypted blockchain transaction

NotForgotten will create a discoverable, trackable and irreversible record of your Time Capsule on the Ethereum blockchain. Your data will be added to the NotForgotten Smart Contract which will renew every year for 300 years, so that when people search for you online in the future they will know that it was you who once said “this is mine”.

4 Protected by an independent Library Trust

The NotForgotten Digital Preservation Trust has been established with the primary mission to care for the library of NotForgotten’s Time Capsules and keep our promises to our customers for centuries to come. Each new Time Capsule will be incorporated into the assets of the Trust.

Providing public access to the Time Capsules.

Maintaining the highest archiving standards

NotForgotten adheres to preservation policy standards set forth by the U.S. Library of Congress, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, and WITNESS. NotForgotten is aligned with the goals outlined in the Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS) Reference Model (ISO 14721:2003). Time capsule records are maintained in a ISO- 27001 certified data repository system.


“We aren’t just creating the ability for people to capture themselves digitally in a time capsule, we are also creating a library of human experience. OCLC, a global library cooperative based in Ohio, has approved NotForgotten’s status as a library, therefore recognizing it as a public resource of information that can be accessed and researched for the next few centuries."

|| California Business Journal

Cataloging the library

Each Time Capsule will be encoded, all NotForgotten Videos transcribed, and metadata will comply to world class archiving and meta-data standards.


“New collaboration to facilitate AI-enabled metadata and insights about events,people, places and emotions to create a complete picture of a point in time”

|| Bloomberg

Updating the Time Capsule technology.

The Digital Preservation Trust will support your time capsule hundreds of years into the future - directing storage strategies, technology strategies, discovery strategies and updating technology. NotForgotten combats the possibility of data rot and server failure by conducting regular technology updates on its library of time capsules.


“When you’re contributing your video, your time capsule to NotForgotten’s library, you’re contributing to a future, accurate history of people that’s going to be studied for generations to come”

|| California Business Journal

Its easy to get started

01: Create a Time Capsule
02: Share it or bury it
03: Copies saved in secure vaults
04: Historical records created
05: Protected by an independent library trust

Let's create something worth remembering

We are so excited to have built this technology and to be part of saving stories – whether you are doing it for yourself, or for them. Why not create yours today?


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