"Preserving one’s legacy shouldn’t have to come at a high cost - consider NotForgotten’s affordable digital time capsule – immortalizing one’s life for centuries to come."
|| Fortune Herald

1 Get Yours

Buy a Time Capsule for yourself, make one for someone else, gift one to someone, or create one as a memorial.

Do it for yourself or gift it.

A Time Capsule is an investment in legacy and can be a gift of a lifetime. Enhance your Family History Research, own your last word, share a secret once you are gone, or simply leave your story for your own reflection in decades to come.
Time Capsules can be delivered via email or post. A license code will be issued to the receiver, and they will need to return to this website to initiate their gift.

Create a family treasure

Childhood is so fleeting… seize the day and create a family treasure. Building a Time Capsule is a meaningful, fun and creative experience for the whole family. Capture the essence of your child and have it produced into a beautiful NotForgotten video format. Create a family treasure together, share it and enjoy it with the whole family.

Create a memorial.

Have their legacy captured in a Time Capsule. Share your memories of them, their vital documents, let them be more than a name to their descendants..

2 Make a Few Important Decisions

How long will your Time Capsule be preserved?

50 years, 150 years, or 300 years

What’s inside your capsule...will you film a NotForgotten Video?

- Yes? Will you film it using your own tools (and upload it), use the NotForgotten app, or hire a videographer. - No? What documents, pictures or books will tell your story (300 year packages only).

When do you want the world to open your Time Capsule?

(a) Share it only with the people you want to share it with (b) Open it to the public now. (c) Keep it completely private to be released to the public in 10 years or 50 years.

3 Get Help

The best place to start is to take a look at our “how it works” guide and watch the NotForgotten YouTube tutorials. We will show you how easy it is to create your Time Capsule and set yourself up to be found in the future.

Its easy to get started

01: Create a Time Capsule
02: Share it or bury it
03: Copies saved in secure vault
04: Historical records created
05: Protected by an independent library trust


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