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Wes Guerrier is a Not-Forgotten Film Partner based in Orlando, Florida. With 17 years of combined
videography and photography experience, Wes is passionate about building legacies.
“Photography is not merely taking a picture of something…for me, it’s about capturing the energy of
that one moment in time…something that can never be duplicated.”
Some of his accomplishments include:
• 7 consecutive years of his work submitted and accepted into Smithsonian Magazine’s Annual
Photo Contest
• Featured work in the Welter Literary Journal
• Member of the Professional Photographers of America since 2015
• Freelance photography at various NY Fashion Week shows
• Livestream television event coverage
“If there’s one thing I want to be remembered for after I’m gone with respect to my passion for
photography and film, it would be helping people to create and preserve their legacies.”
The reciprocal effect of his newly branded slogan, #mylegacyisyours is quite compelling. “To be
remembered for helping someone to build a lasting memory is a great honor.”

Wesley Guerrier

Time Traveler


In Home Concierge


Memory Box



The Time Capsule Agency

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