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"Whether growing your business or spreading a message, stories are the strongest marketing tools at your disposal. For a time, companies looking for visual marketers that used stories effectively couldn’t find them in the Antelope Valley.

Social Chow Media Group was formed to address these challenges. Social Chow Media Group is a visual production agency that pioneered visual marketing through our cinematic storytelling capabilities.

Our ability to take reality and translate it to cinematic storytelling produces the complex storytelling that draws in clients. With our specialties, we make sure each project is perfect for your needs. After all, video language is more than talking at someone.

Social Chow Media Group creates a dialogue in each video and photo, bringing the desired emotions to the forefront. The music and visual effects we choreograph helps your viewers partake in that conversation."

Victor R Vega Jr

Time Traveler


In Home Concierge


Memory Box



Social Chow Media Group

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