Secured by The NotForgotten Digital Preservation Trust

The Trust has been established with the primary mission to ensure the survival of NotForgotten’s archives and help keep our promises to our customers for centuries to come.

The mission of NFDPLT is to contribute to research, by organizing, preserving, communicating, and sharing the record of human knowledge it holds in the NotForgotten archive.

The NotForgotten Digital Preservation Trust has been established to ensure the longevity of NotForgotten’s archives and help keep our promises to our customers for centuries to come.

The purpose of the NotForgotten Trust is to manage the investment to cover ongoing storage and technology migration costs of the NotForgotten Archives as well as to execute on migrating the physical copies of the Videos to updated formats over time.

The NotForgotten Trust is overseen by a governance board responsible for overseeing the administration of our continuing obligations – investment strategies and monitoring trust asset management, storage strategies, technology strategies, archive discovery strategies and decisions, annual blockchain event subscriptions and retrieval fees.

Our preservation promise

We intend to keep our promise of preservation by setting aside a portion of your Fees to cover all reasonably foreseeable technology costs (new tape drivers and replacement tapes/media formats) and storage fees to safeguard your Video online and in the Long-Term Storage Facility.

Values have been set to meet today’s capabilities where tapes and tape tech can be read two generations back, and conservatively estimating that tapes will be switched every ten years. However if technology improves (as is likely), this period may be extended.

Lynn Paul Waterman, CEO Elementis Plc

Barry Melvin Meyers, Managing Director JP Morgan Investment

Ashley Blewer, Archivist

Rachel Broadbent, Library Consultant at OCLC

Kerry Liebenberg, Lawyer NotForgotten

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